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It's just a FAKE! You can see some cracks.
Vital statistics
Type Pirated Computer
Effects Gets spoilt after ten days
Source Metal, Plantium, fake materials
Location Inland-based, as it was made in INLAND!
Cost to buy 20 Coins
Cost to sell 15 Coins

If you were looking for the original PadTop, go here.

PaadTop is a pirated version of the PadTop based in Inland, Eastshield. It is known to spoil after ten days.


In the early winter of 2008, a very mischevious Gentoo Penguin living in Inland was sick of the expensive and costly PadTops. He wanted a cheaper version. As a hacker, he decided to manipulate the design of the PadTop and created one which would be cheap. However, he also made some configurations.

  1. He disabled the wireless panels
  2. He reinserted the wire of the graphic card to the slot of the audio device! It caused some BSODs (Blue Screen of Death)
  3. He replaced the hard disks with floppy disks and there it was a limited amount of storage for data.

These configurations caused the whole invention to collapse within ten days. At least 102 computers were sold and so far, 78 had spoilt within the ten days, 20 had been recalled (by another penguin), two broken before ten days (by itself), 1 had been broken by the owner before the ten days were complete (for the disk drive) and one is still running (after more configurations).


  • It was sold in Inland and SnellVille, and for international buissness, in Dorkugal. 80 was sold in Inland, 12 in Dorkugal and 10 in SnellVille.
  • A comment by a typical RocketSnail user of the product:
I Say! This invention is technically more advanced than the original! It must be (buzzing sounds)... oh my! There's a BSOD! Oh &&&&&&! The ***** of this ####### is like some kind of @@@@@@@@@@@@.
— That RocketSnail

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