Club Penguin Fan Universe
PWN Missile
PWN Missile image
You got Pwned!!!
Vital statistics
Type Missile
Effects Pwnage
Source Weapon Stores
Location Everywhere
Cost to buy 5000 pebbles
Cost to sell 5000 pebbles

PWN Missiles are weapons that will PWN you.


One day a penguin in the BoF getting bullied at work too much. So he went to his lab and invented a PWN Missile. He took a time gear and a procrastinator, and combined them into the missle. The missle would shoot forward in time, blow up in the future, leaving that person PWNED when that happened. If you got hit by one that was set for 3 seconds, you would wait 3 seconds and then be beaten up. Then he made copies of it. Then he pwned several people in the BoF. He was fired, but he illegally sold them. Flywish and Bugzy became eager cutomers.

What happens when you get PWNED by a PWN Missile[]

Those who always buy them[]

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Penguins who got PWNed[]

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