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PM1 Snowball Machine Gun
PM1 Snowball Machine Gun image
The PM1 Snowball MG, with a box round container, a vertical grip, and a bipod
Vital statistics
Type Weapon
Effects When shot, shot penguin/target will be hit with a semi-painful blast of snow
Source Guymed
Location PW Army Barracks
Cost to buy C5000/Њ 5000
Cost to sell Cannot be legally sold

The PM1 Snowball Machine Gun is a fully automatic, shell contained/cooled, 7.62mm/5.56mm consecutive diameter Snow Machine Gun. The weapon is non lethal.


The PM1 was designed by Guymed. He derived it from his first developed weapon, the BA1 Snowball Sniper Rifle. His idea this time was to make it an automatic, so that FW could hold off more STINC troops than ever. It generally comes with a bipod and sight, but other versions include picatinny rails and laser support. Penguins who are hit are stunned, for only 10 seconds, without using Ditto. It has a rate of fire of 550 rounds per minute, except when chambered in 5.56mm, where it is 750 rounds per minute.


The process of the PM1 is top secret.


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