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PAF-30RH image
A Frosian Warriors Air Force PAF-30 Racehorse in flight overseas
Vital statistics
Type Aircraft
Effects Flying
Source iConnect Aeronautics Research
Cost to buy 750000Њ
Cost to sell

The Penguin Aero-Fighter 30 Racehorse or PAF-30RH is a very high speed combat jet designed by iConnect Aeronautics Research for the Frosian Warriors Airforce.


The PAF-30RH is the currently the primary combat jet of the FWAF. The PAF-30RH has 2 turbofans and 2 thrust vectoring nozzles, with forward fins as well as the standard rear, dual rudders and a powerful internal avionics system. It can also be used as a jammer, in which the air to ground missile bays are replaced with ECM pods, and is designated ESF-30. The PAF-30RH is called "Racehorse" because it is the fastest fighter jet in use today. It has a maximum speed of 2,214MPH. It supports weapons like the AIM-92 Air-to-Air ice missile, the AGM-65 Air-to-Ground ice missile, RL-70 70mm ice flechette rockets, ice shard bombs, and a 30mm Consecutive Diameter snowball gun.


  • It is a parody of the real life Su-30MKI.
  • They are commonly called guard dogs, because they are used to destroy ACP ships nearing FRG.

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