Club Penguin Fan Universe
MTD image
The PAF-15S/MTD in flight over Lichenblossom.
Vital statistics
Type Aircraft
Effects Flying
Source iConnect Aeronautics Research
Location PASA HQ, Gentoo Island
Cost to buy 1000000Њ
Cost to sell Unavalible

The PAF-15S/MTD is an experimental combat jet created by iConnect Aeronautics Research for PASA and the Frosian Warriors to replace older, turbojet driven aircraft. It is still in the testing stage by PASA.


The PAF-15S/MTD was made for high-speed, high maneuverability flying. The designation PAF stands for Penguin Aero-Fighter, as a replacement designation for PF (Penguin Fighter). The PAF-15 has 2 internal turbofans with 2 thrust vectoring thrust nozzles, for speed and increased maneuverability. Its maximum speed is about 1,675MPH, 478MPH faster than older Penguin Fighters. Weapons systems include a 20mm Consecutive Diameter snowball Gatling gun, AIM-92 Air-to-Air ice missiles, AGM-65 Air-to-Ground ice missiles, and RL-70 70mm ice flechette rockets. It also supports ice shard bombs.


  • It is actually a parody of the real life F-15S/MTD research fighter used by NASA.
  • Darktan attempted to steal it.

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