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Our Lord and Master, Swiss Ninja, is a book, written by Jack O'vian (he's second on the Snowzerland wanted list!). it is satire and wasn't intended to hurt anyone. It is one of the books part of his satire series, exceeding sales over Turtleshroom, the Demon Hater, Explorer and the Exciting Tale of Logic and Darktan, the Forever Emperor. It doesn't only tell the reader about Swiss Ninjal, it also tells everyone about his family, enemies etc. It is the second top selling book, behind Penguins: A Threat to Mankind.


With the rumors spreading of Swiss Ninja having an ego, Jack O'vian decided to write a book all about Swiss Ninja, making sure it was satire. Started in early 2007, he finished in late 2007, despite the amount of pages. On the first day, it sold 10,000,000 copies continental wide. On the second, it sold 15,000,000 copies and soon more copies over the days. By the end of the month, over 800 million copies had been sold. This also led to an increase in the amount of the other books in the series. It's successor was Heir Emily or Heir Mabel - You Decide!.


Chapter One[]

HEIL MINIONS OF MY BOOK SERIES!"'/Hello new readers of my series, you possibly know who I am, if not, tough. You should have bought the rest of my book series. Now what have you seen on the front page of the newspaper;