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Order & Capture I
"Crawler Deployed"
Vital statistics
Type Game
Effects You get addicted or despise it.
Source Fans.
Location Game
Cost to buy 1500 coins
Cost to sell 1500 coins

Order & Capture is a futureitich game with make belive thigns set in the year 2082-2094 about the epic clash between the ADF and Brotherhood.


Order & Capture is a overall deletionish game. With made up things, such as Deletion Cannons.



  • Ravage - Basic infrantry, deletion rifles.
  • Savage - Basic Rocketter, Deletion rocket.
  • Brother - Regular spy, Deletion pistols. Infiltrates buildings.
  • Sister - Advanced Commando, Deletion Candy Sword. One shot kill.
  • Harvester - Harvester vehicle. Unarmed. Collects resources.
  • Buggy - Vehicle, deletion machine gun mounted on.
  • Ant - Tank, deletion tank shells. Upgrade for Candy sword Meel.


  • Doom Weed: Main resource.
  • Deletion Crystals: Secondary rare, worth more then Doom weed.
  • Salvage: Salvage destroyed vehicles. Gives 5 coins maximun.

Resources are crucial, as they are needed to build units. Once a resource is ahrvested and brung to a refinery it is turned into coins. Depending how muhc was gathered by the harvester.

Resource grows - Harvester harvests - Harvester brings to refinery - Refinery turns resource into coins - Coins are spend

Thats the cycle of resources.


  • Its a direct parady of CNC4.
  • Crawlers were inspired by the Crawler in the game. Along with the Avatar (Mech).
  • Its somewhat futureish, with IMPOSSIBLE things. Such as Deletion Satalittes thats shoot huge rays of deletion.
  • There is no killing in the game. Theres alot of deletion though. To keep the game clean for chicks.

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