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Oranje Team
What you get if you are an honourary member when you join.
Vital statistics
Title Oranje Team
Gender Male or Female
Race Penguins
Faction Team
Health 95,5
Level 15,99
Status Awesome
Location USA, Free Republics.

The Oranje Team is one of the four teams, like the red and blue, but non-famous like the Purple Team.


They were founded in mid 2004 by Het1692. He was watching a Red team vs Blue team football (Soccer) match because he had nothing better to do. He was tired of seeing the only two colour teams fighting, so he decided to make the Oranje team. It grew and grew and now it is as large as Purple Team. They're rivals with Purple Team.


They play football(soccer), Ice hockey, snowball fights, curling, and snow fort building. They also fish for impoverished chicks for a charity they made called "Fedd de arme kuikens", which is Dutch for Feed the poor chicks.

List of Members[]

  1. Aalsmeer
  2. Alkmaar
  3. Amstelveen
  4. Amsta
  5. Andijk
  6. Anna Paulowna
  7. Beemster
  8. Bergen
  9. Beverwijk
  10. Bevroren
  11. Blaricum
  12. Bloemendaal
  13. Bussum
  14. Castricum
  15. Den Helder
  16. Diemen
  17. Drechterlund
  18. Edam-Volendam
  19. Enkhuizen
  20. Graft-De Rijp
  21. Haarlum
  22. Haarlemmerliede en Spaarnwoude
  23. Haarlemmermeer
  24. Harenkarspel
  25. Heemskerk
  26. Heemstede
  27. Heerhugowaard
  28. Het
  29. Heiloo
  30. Hilversum
  31. Hoorn
  32. Huizen
  33. Koggenlund
  34. Landsmeer
  35. Langedijk
  36. Laren
  37. Medemblik
  38. Muiden
  39. Naarden
  40. Niedorp
  41. Oostzaan
  42. Opmeer
  43. Ouder-Amstel
  44. Purmerend
  45. Regen
  46. Schagen
  47. Schermer
  48. Stede Broec
  49. Texel
  50. Uitgeest
  51. Uithoorn
  52. Velsen
  53. Vetvurzand
  54. Weesp
  55. Wervershoof
  56. Wieringen
  57. Wieringermeer
  58. Wijdemeren
  59. Wormerland
  60. Zaanstaf
  61. Zandvoort
  62. Zeevang
  63. Zijpe


  • Their name is Dutch for Orange.
  • It is pronounced Or-Ayn-Yoo but most USA penguins just say Orange Team.
  • Some Blue Team members abuse these team members because they did't spell orange in English. These Penguins are refered to as Jock Penguins. Some members of the Orange team don't understand that they're being bullied. They dont really need to either, because they are powerful enough to fight them.
  • They are friends with Red Team.

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