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Oracle City
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The Great Oracle City home of the Psychic.
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A Map of the large Oracle City
Vital statistics
Type City
Level Valley
Location HunEmpire Region
Inhabitants Psychic Type Card-Jitsu Power trainers as well as masters,Penguins,Psychic Penguins,Puffles,Psychic Pufles,Ben Hun.

Oracle City is an ancient normal size city located near the coast of the HE In the large Oracle Mountains.The City for thousands of years has been home to Psychic Type Card-Jitsu Powers and its many traditions.Oracle City has a population estimate of around 10,000 and is considered to be one of the most well off city's in the category of Card-Jitsu Power.The City was named Oracle after one of Ben Hun's ancestors who was a grand master of the Psychic type of Card-Jitsu Power.


Oracle City was orignally just a small building known as the "Psychic Area" far in the mountains that taught Psychic Card-Jitsu Power.The leader of the area was called Oracle named so for his create wisdom and skill.Oracle lived a long life until one sad day he passed away.After his death his many students and family desided to settle in the mountain valley and make their home.The town was named Oracle after the great master who was so close to all their hearts.Even today Oracle is remembered as the great hero and guardianof Oracle City.For years Oracle City grw as it became more and more populated but sadly the psychic area satayed closed because no one of such skill could run it.Until one great day the nw Psychic type card-jitsu power trainer Ben Hun visted the valley of his ancestor and was begged to become their Psychic area Master.

When Ben Hun discovered his freedom was limited by having to stay in the Oracle City to take on challengers in order to grow stronger and become more power full In the ways of Card-Jitsu Power he asked his cuzin's Talm & Lizzy to come to the city's to become the psychic masters in his absense. The Twins agreeed and Ben Hun Set off to become even more power full in Psychic Card-Jitsu Power ]]



  • Psychic Area:The place where penguins can battle the masters of the city,Talm & Lizzy)
  • Houses


  • Psychic Penguins
  • Talm & Lizzy
  • Psychic Puffles.
  • Card-Jitsu Power trainers.


  • Now that Talm & Lizzy are the masters of the Psychic Area Ben Hun continues his training but will return someday.

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