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The (former) Dark Lord with the amulet of Shadow
Vital statistics
Title The Dark Lord (formerly)
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction Evil!
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Trying to decide to join The Keepers, or Darktan
Location The Silmaril void.

Opacus, Rogha an da dhiogha (the Lesser of two evils) is the former dark lord of Olde Antarctica and the creator of the shadow amulet, now under the hands of King of Cp. He is related to Darktan.


Opacus was born in the early years of the High Penguin Confederacy, and like Finwe was one of the first High Penguins. He loathed anything good, nice, happy, charitable, or light. He dyed his colour entirely black and shaved himself completely once he turned twenty-one, as a symbol he was evil. Opacus gathered the most evil and corrupt penguins in the Confederacy, and together, they poured their cruelty, malice, and will to dominate into creating the Amulet of Shadow. Opacus, along with a penguin more evil than him, Melkor, ate The Two Trees, which he loathed. Melkor and Opacus were sucked into a void, named "the naughty corner" by High Penguins. Opacus now spends all his days and nights trying to escape the naughty corner, to no avail. If he did escape, along with Melkor, fighting Darktan would seem like a tea party, and that is not an exageration.

He once returned during Olde Antarctica, and with his smooth-talk, he conquered the Fire Kingdom. He attacked the other kingdoms for years, but he was defeated and sent back to the Naughty Corner.


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