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Omega V1
Omega image
He is powerful
Vital statistics
Title Omega V1
Gender Male
Race Android
Faction Strong
Health Good
Level Only Doctor Aye-Que knows
Status Working for the Military
Location Eastopolis

Omega (Greek for The End) is an robotic made by Doctor Aye-Que. The Puffle simply made the him to guard Speeddasher while he was in suspended animation once again. It eventually fell into a stasis mode aswell, but eventually it was awakened. Now his main goal is to destroy Aye-Que and his so called "worthless consumer models". It is part Delta Tyrous, and part Beta Irounhide, and another part Alpha Kendolous, in his DNA, this means that he has D.A.B. or Dab, a system that lets him control himself, but works with commands, and can learn by it's own mistakes.


Omega's Theme Music

After one of Aye-Que's robots found Speeddasher after he had fell down from the Space Colony Aircraft, Aye-Que invented Omega to simply guard Speeddasher in suspended animation incase anyone tried to steal him. Eventually, Omega fell into stasis mode and stayed that way for quite awhile.

About a year later, Freeze was searching for Aye-Que's so called secret treasure when she awakened Speeddasher and Omega. Omega had become furious at Aye-Que for giving such a un important job. He then set out with Speeddasher and Freeze to destroy him. They never succeeded in doing it, but they did manage partially destroy Metal Explorer, wich made Omega happy. He's now teamed up with Speed and Freeze.


Omega, along with Speeddasher and Freeze, are now members of one of the highest branches of the PSA, the military. Unlike regular agents who simply go on regular missions, these three along with other agents get to do things like fly fighter jets, break into enemy bases, and other things. They all like their jobs.


(while confronting Doctor Aye-Que)

Doctor Aye-Que: Do you honestly think you can defeat me Omega? I created you and know all your strengths and weaknesses.

Omega: Not all of them Aye-Que. The military has given me many new upgrades. I shall iliminate you and all of your worhtless consumer models!

Doctor Aye-Que: I'd like to see you try.

(Omega's hand turns into a large hot sauce gun)


Doctor Aye-Que: Whoa!

(Talking to Speeddasher and Freeze)

Omega: Speeddasher. Aye-Que has stuck the Gem in his secret base. We must retrieve it.

Freeze: We've got everything we need. I say we go in and get that Gem.

Speeddasher: You two underestimate Aye-Que. Even though he may not seem smart he is. We'll need a strategy before we can get the gem.

Freeze: You may have a point there.

Omega: Affirmative! I suggest we call Tails6000. He to is a enemy of Aye-Que.

Freeze: Hm, maybe he'll bring Fists.

Speeddasher: Leave it to Omega to come up with a good idea. Contact them now.

Omega: Affirmative Speeddasher. Contacting Tails6000 now.


  • It is completley robotic, except for the beak, which is actually taken from a penguin.
  • It resembles Lunar in some ways...
  • It is a parody of E-123 Omega

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