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Old Town Market is the market of Old Town, an abondoned town located in Eastshield. Before the destruction it was bustling with activity wide and far, with many penguins buying fresh selected fruits and vegetables mainly imported from King Geroge's Island and MAI, though they may frequently spoil.

Background prior to Hurricane Diana[]

The fruit market was set up by two penguins on a very sunny Tuesday, probably either the third of forth in April 1995. They started selling fruits, each about 500 coins worth. The area soon became a highlight in the society and more and more penguins came there. Soon, three other sellers placed stalls along the pathway, soon made into two-story houses classified as "shophouses" and served as both shops and houses. Many more came and it soon gained popularity from tourists in USA. It eventually included a food court. That's it.

Geographical Placement in the Map of Old Town[]

They are placed behind three quarters of the town. Mainly, it connects with the nearby shopping mall Virgin Shopping Mall.


There are seven indoor stalls, the most famous is the oldest which carried the title "Tatu and Mura Mergamart". A medical clinic could be found near the pathway between the shopping mall and here. Many more outdoor stalls stand along the line. Also, a large food court faces them, combined with a food market selling fish and more fish.

Diasaster Effect[]

The effect from Hurricane Diana after many evacuated was quite serious and critical. The most famous minimart of fruit/vegetable imported store was somehow hurt most. At least the second floor's walls got teared off being seen left in the road. The other minimart seemed to be bombed as their shape at the bottom seems like collapsing. Days after a bomb planted by the Jerks exploded in the fifth house from the left. The house is like... erm... ruins of Pingko's diasaster plant perhaps? Anyway, the outdoor stalls seem to be blown and smashed into the walls of each house's second floor remaining wall. The others are lying on the steep snowy ground. The fresh fruits imported were found rotton. Don't eat them. Their no ripey-tipey.

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