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OldBird.Ice is a website specifically for getting electronics. You can get anything from Doors 2008 to PadTops, and furniture.


OldBird.Ice (also known as OldBird Electronics), was founded by Sk8rbluscat in 2009. In July 2010, it had over 10,000 customers and 5,000 employees. It started by selling just a few Pad-Desk II's and PadTops. After that, Sk8rbluscat bought many PadTops and Pad-desks and Micro Hard and Soft decided to donate Doors 2008 for OldBird electronics, for the people who want to use Doors 2008 on computers that have Penguin OS. In July of 2010, OldBird Electronics have expanded and are now selling furniture for the penguin's igloos. In June 2010, OldBird.Ice bought a warehouse in Dorkugal

OldBird.Ice also sells OldBird Gear for penguins who have bought a lot from OldBird.Ice. The current revenue that OldBird Electronics has is 1,000,000 coins per month, and the CEO of the company, Sk8rbluscat is hoping for that number to grow by late November or early December 2010.

OldBird Electronics sells DIY computer (i.e. PadDesk) parts, like PAMD Processors, Pentel Processors, RAM (Random Access Memory), Motherboards for PAMD and Pentel processors, Hard Drives, Cases, optical drives, keyboards/mice, Video Cards, and monitors.


OldBird.Ice is a parody of, an electronics web site.


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