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Oceanrock: Owcatraz Prison is an action/adventure video game for the Snowtendo Vii, Pengstation 3, and P-BOX 360. It is based on the longest night of Oceanrock's career, when he returned the Horrible Comedian to Owcatraz Prison, only to have found out the entire thing was a trap.

Oceanrock: Owcatraz prison
Inspiration(s) Oceanrock
Developer(s) Snowtendo, Micro Hard and Soft
Publisher(s) Micro Hard and Soft
Release date in USA October 29, 2010
Release date in the UTR April 15, 2010 (Nationwide)
Release date in Non-Free Republics {{{others}}}
Release date in Free Republics of the USA May 12, 2010
Genre Action/Adventure
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Platform(s) Snowtendo Vii, PenguinStation 3, and PBOX 360
Predeced by None
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The gameplay is a third-person stealth and adventure type. It also combines elements from beat 'em ups. You play as Oceanrock, who runs around Owcatraz and the 90-150 Island & Ice Shelf. You can run around or be stealthy.


The Horrible Comedian tries to hold up the mayor of Freezeland, but is captured by Oceanrock. (he actually surrenders thought) Oceanrock then takes him to Owcatraz Prison, by the 90-150 island. There, the HC is taken into custody, but escapes, telling Oceanrock that he just put his plan into action. Oceanrock then follows him around the prison, and then eventually outside of it, where he takes the Oceanmobile and drives to the Humana Cathedral, where he finds out the HC's actual plot. Yeah that's right. We aren't actually going to tell you what it is.




  • The Horrible Comedian (Can be played as through downloadable content on the Pengstation 3)
  • Nadeen Davison
  • Killer Crab
  • Steve, the guard on the left
  • Banishment
  • Sickening Pine
  • Manny Peng
  • Other Inmates of Owcatraz
  • Commissioner James


The Puzzler, who is obsessed with riddles and puzzles, has left more than 121 trophies to collect, which unlock the following:

- Character Biographies

- Challenges

- Character Trophies

- Art Work

- Upgrades (Most of them will be available throughout the game, but some are only accessed through the trophies)


  • In early 2010, the idea of a sequel to the game was thrown around, even though the game itself has yet to hit stores.
  • Since the game developers wanted to have the game be a slight darker than previous Oceanrock adventures, the game itself and the month of release in the USA are dark.
  • Oceanrock isn't as deranged in the game, but more calm and serious. Which provides for the game's serious and stealth-like over-theme.

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