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Obey Benny, Destroy McFlapp!
Obey Benny!
Vital statistics
Participants Director Benny look-alike
Date October 20, 2009
Location Bureau of Fiction

Obey Benny was a popular internet phenomenon in the year of 2009, generating over 9,000 views in less than five days. It consists of a video in which a Director Benny look-alike (who is currently anonymous) screams "Obey Benny, Destroy McFlapp!" to the tune of the Sparkan anthem.

It was the first Sparka Remix.

The event[]

In the video, Director Benny floats inside a tunnel filled with alternating light-blue and light-gray stripes. Benny constantly screams "Obey Benny, Destroy McFlapp!" over and over again, while the Sparkan anthem plays in the background.

The video was filmed in the Bureau of Fiction. A Director Benny look-alike hovering above a Wind Generator 3000, in front of a green screen. The look-alike screamed the phrase once. Later, animators changed the green screen background to that of a tunnel, added the Sparkan anthem in the background, and repeated and synced the video of the look-alike so that it appeared he was chanting along with the anthem.

The video went viral two days later.


Obey Benny gained over 9,000 views in less than five days, and reached meme status in less than two weeks. It introduced a new meme, the Sparka Remix, into the world of Internet Phenomena, and was praised by penguins and puffles alike.

It got especially high ratings from Ternville, where it was celebrated by Mayor McFlapp, a longtime enemy of Director Benny.

Benny himself currently has no comment on the video.

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