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Numorious (Contagiosas Naranja Negro-Virus, meaning Contagious Orange-Black Virus), is a crab-spread diesease which could only be found in Antarctica. If it merges with Beringon, it will conclude in the Your Page Title Here virus, another one spread only throughout penguins.

The Catch[]

It begins with an infected crab after he eats dirty items. When the penguin either touches the crab, or goes near it, it gets spread to the penguin itself.


Not much really... only two brown spots, and having a fever sometimes in a while.


The cure is quite simple. No no... sufisticated. Very sufisticated. It goes like this:

  1. Go to a nearby doctor
  2. Tell him this diesease
  3. He will enscript a code, known to be this:

0909303702483203740375075907037027502423479529782597257978952178929789257892517891279274857954972127197219746212749263100778023783778307803278023783032892387378378393738693789307307830703789030783078378057278214104272870578069687500577805696782707003060990550595950909590295009090010101010101111101001101111010101010101010101010101010 </blockqoute> --From a doctor

  1. You will take two pills, one similar to the Your Page Title Here Virus, and one used for Berigon. If a human eats this, he will vomit and contract stomach flu.

风木云和水 Means directly: Wind, Trees, Clouds and Water.

    • A Jacko would refuse to take the pill. Instead, it takes some funny pill, which is pink and yellow.
  1. Finnally, you will take eat a type of syrup. It tastes sour.

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