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Nummy Cakes
Vital statistics
Type Cake
Effects Mwa Mwa repellant!
Source Admiral Boggards
Location In the oven, baking.
Cost to buy 1 000 000 local currency
Cost to sell 1 000 000 local currency

Nummy Cakes is a type of cake, and a Mwa Mwa Penguin Repellent. Only Mwa Mwa Penguins will eat it. The word "nummy" comes from the Mwa Mwa word meaning "Delicious", or "Fantastic".


It can be used as a Mwa Mwa repellant, and it cures their insanity. They usually won't eat it at first, but once you force-shove it down their esophagus, they say "Dat nummy, tank woo!", and then they will hug you. A few seconds later, they will let go and ask "What was I doing? ZOMG... I am wearing terrible clothes! And what's with drool lying on the floor?" The Mwa Mwaness has been cured. It is very expensive though, because it is very hard to make. also, if you don't use the secret ingredient, the effect is only temporary.


  • Candy coated fish.
  • Four large eggs.
  • One cup Numberry Tea.
  • Nine large green egg yolks
  • One 18.25 ounce package chocolate cake mix
  • One and two third (1 2/3) cups granulated sugar
  • One can prepared coconut pecan frosting
  • One cup granulated sugar
  • One cup lemon juice
  • One large rhubarb
  • One tablespoon all-purpose figs
  • Orange peels, grated
  • Three slash four (3/4) cup extra virgin olive oil
  • Three slash four (3/4) cups butter
  • Two cups all purpose flour
  • Two cups of all the EFF spices
  • Two slash three cups (2/3) granulated apircot
  • Two tablespoons puffle water (from the water sack)
  • Three tablespoons rhubarb, on fire


  • It is extremely expensive.
  • Only Admiral Boggards (and, of course, Mayor McFlapp) along with Tidalwave11 knows the secret ingredient, which cures the Mwa Mwa-ness permamantly.
    • EDFan12345 knows the secret ingredient, but only in Ess Ee Ess Mode.
  • Sadly, Manny Peng is IMMUNE to Nummy Cakes. Darn!
    • Alebettina is trying to find something that will make him prone to them.
  • Flywish ate one and now he's the way he is right now
  • Pablodepablo once ate one and grew 50 feet tall. Tidalwave stopped this by tickling him with puffle fur.
  • Indytig10 loves Nummy Cakes. His X-Antibody, IndytigX, doesn't.
  • For some reason they have no effect on Cutiekins.

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