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Numci is a video game company somwhere in the USA. It is well known for making the game Millipede.


Numci Logo


Numci was founded by Pigma55 as the NUCUMIRROR RIDE COMPANY, LTD. in 2009 so he could give people rides around Konsunchrayshin Kamp. originally, it was 100 pebbles. But it became so popular that he raise the price to 300. He also changed the name so it wouldn't be so long.

Video Game Era[]

He started to lose customers because of the new gaming console that came out. He saw one in the store one day, so he bought it. He got bored after 5 minutes of playing it. So he went outside. He tripped. When he looked to see what it was he saw "an oversized Snowtendo DS". He picked it up and saw it was older. So he went home and studied it. What the result was, was the Mrs. Play and Clock.


The Mrs. Play and Clock didn't sell well, so he rejoined Darktan's Army. Being a good friend of Darktan II, he immediately rose up in the ranks. Knowing the advantages that his company could make. he made started making hacking devices.


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