Club Penguin Fan Universe
Nice and strong!
Vital statistics
Type Tea
Effects Deliciousness, possibly numb tounge
Source Your local Supermarket
Location In a teapot
Cost to buy 2.50 Fyro
Cost to sell 2.50 Fyro

Numberry is the brand name of a tea company based in Frostborough, Freezeland, owned by the same penguins as Frys Chalet. It was announced on April Tenth, Two-Thousand Nine, that they are going to open up two new factories.


Numberry is considered the most deleicious tea in Freezeland, and probobly all of the USA. It is available in the USA from online shoppes, and in Freezeland from supermarkets. It comes in red boxes, each consisting of eighty-five bags. It is best made the old fashioned way, with a steeping time of three to six minutes. Its main ingredients are O'Berry leaves and a bit of mint. Numberry, when drunk too hot, will numb your tounge permanently, which comes from the O'Berries.


  • It is a parody of Nambarrie, the Irish tea company.
  • Its motto is "Nice and Strong".
  • The tea is very popular in the UnitedTerra.

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