Club Penguin Fan Universe

Nubbles is a Mwa Mwa Penguin currently living with Swiss Ninja and his family.


Nubbles was once a normal penguin. He was bullied around by Jerks. One day he decided to stop it. He tried revenge. That failed. Then, he decided to become a Mwa Mwa Penguin. As an adult he was still a Mwa Mwa. Then he was adopted by Swiss Ninja and his wife Maddieworld. Soon he became a part of the family. Nubbles wears duragees and a blue propeller hat.


  • In a failed attempt to feed Nubbles a Nummy Cake, Swiss Ninja tripped and accidentally fed the cake to Ap P. Tite, who grew six inches. The ghost was cured of his new height.
  • Like Manny Peng, Nubbles is immune to Nummy Cakes.
  • Nubbles likes to eat pie.
  • Nubbles' best friend is Ap P. Tite.

Nubbles is the fabled Chosen One in The Most Epic Battle To Come.