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Nubtv NubTV is a comedy show by Dojonub, filmed by Homsolo.


Dojo34256 was typing random letters in his keyboard until 'nubtv' came up. He told Dojonub. Dojonub had the idea of making a TV Series, so he made one called NubTV

Season 1 Episodes[]

Dojonub is in every episode, so he is not listed unless solo.

= The Dojo Triplet[]

Dojo34256 and Dojo34259 are claimed to be hackers. Dojo34256 and Dojo34259 appear in this episode.

Aqua Grabber vs. Sensei[]

Sensei is chased by an Aqua Grabber.

Europa Star Blue[]

Europa Star feels left out and rides a hot air balloon. Europea Star is in this episode.

Snowman Solo[]

Homsolo and Snowman 1001 merge together. Homsolo and Snowman 1001 appear in this episode.

Memory Penguin[]

Ryry7492 is in this episode.

Avalanche vs. Dojonub[]

Avalance101 appears here.

The Pro and the Princess[]

Theprotheo and Princessurf appear.


Dojonub is fearured solo.

Penguin the Second[]

Teltu1 cameos here.

Pro the Princess, pts. 1 and 2[]

Theprotheo, Princessurf, Ballet Co 21, Wakerra, Hat Pop, Homsolo, and Ryry7142.

Season 2 Episodes[]

Dojonub and Homsolo appear in every episode here so they are not listed, and Hat Pop and Snowman 1001 is featured in every other show as solos unlisted.

Puffles in Flames[]

Homosolo and Dojonub find a Black Puffle. Teltu1, Paisly3, Wakerra, Hat Pop, and Snowman 1001 appear here.