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2009 Referendum of Northfold Sovereignty
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Vital statistics
Participants Citizens of Northfold
Date Friday, November 20, 2009
Location Freezeland

The Referendum of Northfold Sovereignty (also known as the Border Poll) was held on wheter the province of Northfold should remain withinFreezeland or become a seperate country.

The event[]

Northfold, being culturaly unique from the rest of Freezeland, had a proposal from it's seperatist penguins; they wanted soveriegnty. The Montasje was strongly opposed, but, being a democracy, it was up to the penguins. So, a referendum was held. The question was: Should the Province of Northfold remain in the Republic of Freezeland?

After the votes were counted, the result was official. Northfold would remain a province, but with the Northfold Act coming into affect.


Yes votes Yes votes (%) No votes No (%) Turnout (%)
676,966 71.1 274,979 28.9 81.1




  • Northfold Premier Jacques Brousseau


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