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North Enderton
Location of North Enderton.
Location of North Enderton in New West City.
Urban area New West City
Area 30 km²
Population 30.000
Population density 1000/km²
Mayor Idoreconise
Chosen as the best suburb of 2009.

North Enderton is a suburb in New West City. It is rather small, but lots of penguins live there. It is located in the northern part of New West City. It borders Marinarie District to the west, South Enderton District to the south, and Baldong District to the south-east. There are no blocks of flats, it is rather filled with small houses. Although the seaside is awful, and full of cliffs, it is a quite popular part of the city to live in. It co-operates with the southern part of Enderton - South Enderton District since it was founded.


Its' history begins with establishing the Enderton village. It was quite small, but it grew very soon. It was located at a very peaceful part of the island, so lots of penguins wanted live there. Still, it is the second-most populated urban area in New West City, after Cape District. When New West City was built, the village joined the city. It was divided between the North and the South. Since this, the two districts co-operate with each other, and promote itself, as the best districts in the city. But in the other hand, Marinarie District is often discriminated, and mocked here, due to it being a bad place to live, just like Pengolia. That's why Marnarie doesn't have many inhabitants at all.

As a district[]

The district has lots of roads, leading to either west, south and east. There is no land further north from North Enderton. Although it is not famous due to its' roads (South Enderton District is), roads there are used very often, because many penguins live there.

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