Club Penguin Fan Universe
Vital statistics
Title Norman
Gender Male
Race Turtle (specifically a Painted Turtle)
Faction None
Health Rather well
Level 5
Status Being himself
Location Turtle Atoll
Occupation Writer, website designer, politician
Catchphrase If you haven't tried it, don't knock it
Hobbies Writing, painting, baking
Friends Melvin Turtleheimer, Professer Shroomsky, Willy the Penguin
Enemies Writer's block
Archetype Logical

Norman Steven Melvin Turtleheimer is a Painted Turtle living on Turtle Atoll.


Norm was hatched on Turtle Atoll, but no one know is certain how. His parents, like all turtles, left him to be by himself when he was about four months old. Somewhere along the way, Melvin Turtleheimer took him in. (Technically, Norm is Melvin's biological nephew.) Melvin taught Norm what he knew, math, physics, law, and how to edit things online. Norm liked being online a lot, so he became a web-designer with the help of his uncle. Together they created five websites. When Norm left, he went to the USA, and shortly was on the South Pole Council, but since it was a short term, (Three months to be exact) it was never recorded. Norm then went traveling, hoping to see all sorts of sights. When he eventually decided to settle down, he went back to Turtle Atoll.


Norm is currently into web-design, and has created over thirty sites, of which are based on true-to-life facts and statistics. He is also a writer, and has written three plays, two novels and one self-help book, entitled, "My toothpaste and yours, mouthwash for the soul." His pen name is N.M. Vlin.


  • I'm surrounded by idiots
  • There's er, something on your face
  • Norm (To his uncle): I thought you were an only child.

Melvin: Nope I had a sister.

Norm: Talk about irony.

  • Writing is my life, unless you count baking, which is also part of it


  • Even though he has written several things, he has only published his self-help book and one of his plays.
  • He likes to go on walks around the atoll when he has writer's block.
  • Even though Melvin is a quadruped, he is a biped/

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