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A No is a type of penguin that say "No" to anything asked. They will instantly say "No" at anything. Most No Penguins wear red colour and a shirt with NO! writen on the front. The only way to get a No penguin to say "Yes" is to reverse the question, they will do the opposite of what you ask.


No Penguins originally come from Pengydeen, the first No Penguin was called "Nope Alezaroth". Nope was born in 1892 when Fire Island came to Pengydeen. Nope lived in Pengydeen while everything was going on. In 1914 he had two kids called "Fire" and "Night". Then, later in the 1934, these kids had kids called "Neon" and "Ninja". These kids are still alive but are older than Sensei. "Fire", "Night", "Neon" and "Ninja" are the true creators of the Power Emeralds, but, they lost them, and now two of the powers are gone to others so they can't form the power circle. The Power Circle is when Powers Neon, Night, Fire and Ninja come together and form a circle. This circle then gives them the powers of the element of what they're named after. The other two powers (Amethyst and Sea) are not yet taken, so, if Neon, Night, Ninja and Fire have kids, Amethyst and Sea should be their names. No Penguins Night, Neon, Ninja and Fire are currently searching for their power emeralds.


They are normally red penguins because Red on traffic lights means "Stop" when Green means "Go", or, as the No's see it, Red is "No" and green is "Yes" so they wear red.


No Penguins are originally from Pengydeen but normally live in the The Land Of Flystar55555. Flystar55555, their king, gave them houses there, but, he told them "Don't be mean to others", But, they do the opposite.


  • No Penguins can't say anything else but Yes and No.
  • Their shortest book is their Dictionary which only has two words. Yes (Pronounced Y eh es) and No (Pronounced Na O h).
  • Some penguins are annoyed by these penguins because they can only say two words and do the opposite of what you ask.