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File:NixU image.PNG
The NixU log-in screen
Vital statistics
Type Operating System
Source iConnect, Various Programming Languages
Location level
Cost to buy Free/C100 (Disks Only)
Cost to sell C100 (Disks Only)

NixU is an open source, half company half community developed operating system. It uses source developed to make Penguin OS, but the initial release was made way after famous Penguin OS's release, but the development was made before Penguin OS, and that first development was not made by iConnect. Testing started in 2008 and then released in 2009.


NixU is an operating system, obviously, and has several computer functions. It includes a fully built in command line, applications, a package manager, internet support, Ethernet internet, wirless internet, servers, and more. So far, it hasn't had any competition with Penguin OS or Icebuntu, other NixU-Linus based operating systems. It is also more tradionally Unix.

NixU is very loosely based off of the mainframe system Unice.


  • It is a parody of Unix.
  • NixU is Unix (said above), and Linus is Linux (what Penguin OS is).

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