Club Penguin Fan Universe

This is a list of PP. Ninjinian's puffles and everything about them. More information of most popular puffles will have articles with more information.


  • Yusei (full name "Yusei Crypt-Dagger Fudo")

Yusei is a green puffle, and is Ninjinian's first puffle. He is very smart, and is the brains of the country (like G being the brains of Club Penguin). He usually goes anywhere with his owner. He doesn't like Kalin (well who does?)

  • Kalin (full name "Kalin McLaren IvillhaauntU")

Kalin is the black puffle of the penguin. Nobody likes this puffle, but sadly penguins have to cope with him throughout every minute of their lives, especially Ninjinian! It is said that Kalin is a relative of Mabel, just that has a different name to other than "McLaren IvillhaauntU". Nothing is known about how he looks like until experts continue to finish his sketches until July 29, 2009 and when it's released to the press.

  • Crow (full name "Crow McDagger Titan-Phoenix")

Crow is Ninjinian's red puffle. He keeps a look-out for Ninjinian and usually likes to stay inside. He also likes to stay very health, and always asks his owner to take him for walks 7 times a day! He loves Puffle O's, and is a good puffle who listens to his owner. He sometimes attends meetings in the UnitedTerra Parliament up in Tops Tower because Crow is a puffle of ideas! Crow is named after Ninjinian's big-brother, Crow.