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Ninja Sanctuary is a hidden room inside the Ninja Hideout. It is True Sensei's favourite place and you could play Ninja-Jitsu in there!


When Sensei was a young penguin we know he contructed the Dojo. While he was building it his brother True Sensei would need a place to train students once they reached their Ninja Status. He also wanted to let future Ninjas remember their founders The Three Masters. Being alone in the mountains gave him the all the time he needed. Using Gold and Pine Wood, he got to work on the room. Eventually after years of hard work he finished the room, aswell as the rest of the Dojo.


The room has many Bonsai Trees growing around the walls wich are contructed with pure gold. The floor is contructed with large stone circles, and there is a pool with Koi swimming in it. This room is also where the Ninjas recieve their color from the ghosts of the Three Masters. A Golden Puffle Statue also resides in this room.

How to get there[]

It can be entered by entering the Ninja Hideout and going to the right and saying "Meditate" and waving.



  • Ghosts sometimes visit and let you practice Ninja Jitsu with them.
  • You can see True Sensei here, He will tell you how to play Ninja-Jitsu.

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