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Ninja Quest 1
Ninja Quest 1 image
The boxart
Vital statistics
Type Snowtendo DS Game
Effects Makes some penguins rush to the Dojo to become Ninjas
Source Snowtendo
Location Game Stores
Cost to buy 1,300 coins
Cost to sell 1,150 coins

Ninja Quest 1 is a upcoming Snowtendo game, and the first game in the series "Ninja Quest". It will operate on the Snowtendo DS system.


The game was is said to be released on July 1, 2009 because of the popularity of Sensei and Ninjas. Another Snowtendo game titled Card-Jitsu X had allready been released so it was decided that the game would not be fully based on Card-Jitsu. Instead it would be a part adventure game, with a couple of Card-Jitsu face-offs against various enemies to the Ninjas.


Despite not being released, the basic plot has been known for quite awhile. The evil Craáin Sensei has built up an army of Ninjas he has trained over the years. He plans to take charge of the Dojo and train the Ninjas his way forever. You as a student of the good, and wise Sensei must stop Craáin and send him back to the Darktonian Realm. With the help of the Ninja Speeddasher you make your way through mountains, Forests, and even across oceans. Whatever you do though, you must not let Sensei's evil relative win.


These are characters that will make appearances in the game.

Mini Games[]

One mini game has been confirmed for Ninja Quest 1. It is a DS version of Ninja-Jitsu. There will be more mini games however.


  • Many fans of Snowtendo are demanding the Manny Peng should be a enemy in this game. As of yet it is uncomfirmed whether he'll appear.

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