Club Penguin Fan Universe

The Ninja Cookbook is a mysterious item that has magical recipes in it. These recipes can be used for good or evil. The cookbook is in the hands of Swiss Ninja's evil cousin Chef Ninja.


According to Sensei, the cookbook was written around the time ninjas had begun. Only special ninjas called Ninja Chefs could acsess the cookbook. Three Ninja Chefs had written the cookbook for a reason: to help Antartica. Once every thousand years, a new Ninja Chef would be chosen to cook the recipes. In 2009, Sensei picked Swiss Ninja's cousin Chef Ninja to cook the recipes. Little did Sensei know Chef Ninja would use it for evil.


The cookbook is now used for evil. Swiss Ninja wishes to stop his cousin from destroying the frozen continent penguins call home. Chef Ninja uses the book to cook up evil recipes. Mayor McFlapp says the cookbook should be used for good.

The next Ninja Chef?[]

Sensei says that a New Ninja Chef will be chosen in the next thousand years. An ancient myth predicts that a future Mabel might be the next chosen Ninja Chef.


  • This item is similar to the cookbook in Three Delivery.
  • Mabel says that the myth is right, a future descendant of hers will be the next chosen Ninja Chef, but this has not been confirmed.
  • Explorer says that the cookbook should be stored in the Book Room.
  • Cranberry and Crumbs somehow belive they may be able to stop Chef Ninja.