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Ninj - The Real Deal
Cookie Life image
The original book cover. Only a few have this edition.
Vital statistics
Type Book
Effects Tells you about Ninjinian's early life.
Source The bookstore?
Location In your nearest book-store.
Cost to buy ĎÁÚ: 35
Cost to sell ĎÁÚ: 35

Ninj - The Real Deal, but as the author calls it, Cookie Life, is the first autobiography about Ninjinian's early life and how he had to live up to all the problems in his life to come where he is now. The auto-biography released on May 3, 2009, but was then re-released on October 30th, 2009. Ninjinian tells up deep secrets that nobody knew. There is a rare-edition copy of the book, which is the original book, and is now limited edition.


The book has a cover which is very popular & recognised by many. Ninjinian announced in February 2008 that he will be writing an autobiography about himself, because there were many false stories that were put up nationally, which he confirmed that that they were wrong. He wanted to clear those incorrect stories, so started writing in April 2008. It includes many secrets about him & his life. How he was raised. How his baby-brother ended up with him, and how he lived in the drastic conditions. It has a blurb on the back that reads:

"It's time for all those false stories to be cleared of charges. I'm here to clear those stories, and make up the truth of my life. It's time to set the facts straight. My life as a chick was hard, and I'm here to tell you how it was. Don't listen to anything else, because this is 100% true..."

This book can be found in the non-fiction section of your local book-store.


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