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Vital statistics
Type Gaming Console
Effects UnFun and Problematic
Source Aluminuim
Location USA
Cost to buy 200 000 Coins
Cost to sell 200 100 Coins

NineGamer was a game console, widely infamous for having the certain glitch which causes a procedure running on a rainbow-coloured screen. It was made in 1991 and discontinued from 1994 onwards, being replaced by NineGamer X in 1996.


The console was used to play games by New Nine Games. However, in 1993, the gaming console was found to have a bad disruption. Since that year onwards, when inserting the CD Rom, and pressing the "Start" button, the screen will switch black for a short while, and later turn up a rainbow-coloured screen and a procedure runs. Here is the procedure:

EXGAMER2 Procedure[]

Procedure running on Error 6724
Continue on RingRays500


Problem Occured.

 12555 of 12555 files checked
 7250 of 7250 files checked
 300 of 300 files checked

Problem lieks with NineSystem/gamingconsole32/game and colourconfection.33.elbert.oring.pps

Need to Change Wire

Wire lies with Hardware.

Colour Wire Stuck within Display Screen (ninesetup.exe)

Colour Wire Unfixed

System Restarting...

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It later restarts to it's main screen. This is due to an unknown wire from the sound slot somehow connected to the colour display slot , therefore resulting in a procedure running throughout the system to check the problem. However, it can't be fixed as the CD-Rom insertion went straight flying through the colour system and it's very complicated to fix. This started two years since the colour problem slot was fine using a special other wire connected, but only lasting for two years.


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