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Nightmare Crater
Nightmare Crater image1
Nightmare witnessed the whole Darktonian Pie War through that crystal!
Nightmare Crater map
The map a penguin that fell in drew...
Vital statistics
Type Crater
Level Low
Location Underneath Experiment Labs
Inhabitants Nightmare

Nightmare Crater is a deep and dark crater where Nightmare normally is. It is VERY secret, and once a penguin fell in and made the map we see now. The Snell-Libros have no idea what it is why Nightmare chose it, but the do know that it is the deepest, darkest, scariest place in the USA because of Nightmare.


Nightmare one day found Experiment Labs, and Lizlord. His deadly Pie Fumes were so hot it burned a hole in the ground, called Nightmare Crater. He created a crystal that could see the wars on clubpenguin without going to them, and witnessed The Great Darktonian Pie War through it.


This is just a normal crater with nothing of interest unless you want to speak with Nightmare. The crater is deep, dark, and scary. Though if you looked through that crystal, you can see anything you think of! That would be a fortune at a store, like 100,000 pebbles or 1,000,000 coins!


This crater is where X, IcE, Lizlord, Kricket, Volcano, Mecha (The X-Spreaders) come to receive missions/orders. Other than that, it is pointless.


  • Nightmare: A huge penguin like creature, this gas giant has some deadly gasses, so making the crater poisonous to breath in.


  • Nightmare: Creator of the X-Virus, he is almost as powerful as Darktan.


Nothing of interest here except for finding Nightmare.

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