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Newton Lynn Fringsom Center de Helomicity
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Newtown Lynn Fringshom Center de Helomicity, or plainly Helomicity Center of Newtown, is rumored to be the only building in the middle of the Forest and has been discovered by a pilot whose plane crashed into it. As stated, the building is grey, and sandwiched between hundreds of thousnads of trees. The only facts include a couple shown in front of the building and a large tripod.


No one knew how it was founded, or built, only that a helicopter flying above the Forest found an odd grey building, when looking above, is camoflauged by hundreds of thousands of trees which make up the great Forest. The pilot of the helicopter, whose name is Hippy H. Hotties (claimed by the Club of Flying for penguins with H whom are noobs, a section of the Club of Flying for penguins whom are noobs, which is a section of the Club of Flying), descended to the site (and crashed into the building, revealing it's camoflauge). The building bursted into flames, but as the top was blown and all of a sudden it was raining puffles and cows, the fire faded away and the pilot saw something he claimed was cool on a piece of paper (see later).

He roamed around the house and discovered a painting about a very pretty penguin with Alex12345a or similar. He later found a luxurious car and drove it back, smiling of his discovery. He started writing what he had saw on his journal and drove at the same time. However, one of the cows fell on his car, squashing him to death.

Before the note could be damaged, the wind blew it towards the Coffee Shop and landed on a penguin's cup of coffee. Opening the diary, he read all of the pilot's adventures and finally found the last page before he died. A stain of petrol is on the top right corner. Therefore, the penguin told the news about the pilot and with the recap of the pilot's discovery, the oil stain and the penguin's background, he concluded a story that made this theory come alive.

Special, Confirmed Facts (confidentail, SHHHH!)[]

  • Heather Hills, a journalist, researched the diary and found that the word "penguin" was blur and looked like "person". "ngui" of the word "penguin" is blur and looked more different.
  • The diary was purple, which is one of Alex's favourite colours.
  • The female penguin/person had a purple-coloured pigtail.
  • It was described that the female penguin/person had some shoes with wheels.


  • That is Alex's crush, other than Mab.. WHAT DID I JUST SAY?!?
    • However, Alex denies all facts leading to it, admitting that he did love such a creature, but later moved on to loving Mabel.
  • The pilot is still alive. No one knows...

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