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Newton Town Chickcare Center
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Vital statistics
Type Chickcare Center, Hospitality Center
Level Ages 0-10
Location Newton Town's Neighbourhood districts
Inhabitants Chicks and Carers

Newton Town Chickcare Center is the only chickcare center in Newton Town, located in the heartlands of the city. It is a three-storey complex equipped with facilities for the chicks. It has 12 employees and more than 150 chicks each day. Overnight services are also provided and cost twice as much. The center may expend further in 2010.


Lollybied Barrensmith and Melly Vadus had degrees in chick-management from the Penguin University. Lollybied also had a degree in buissness management, and together, they started a chickcare center in Shiverpool in 1999. They made loses in Shiverpool and decided to move to Newton Town in an attempt for better business in 2002.

L.M. Childcare Center, the previous name of the center, started out in a small rented house in the suburbs of the Newton Town. It had simple facilities but a large backyard suitable for all sorts of activities. Many parents dropped their children off here, preferring the center to kindergartens across Newton Town. It became widely popular for a period of time until competitors moved in. It almost led to a crash, but was thankfully avoided due to the businesses' quick actions.

L.M. Childcare Center was renamed Newton Town Chickcare Center in 2004.

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