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New Nine Holdings, formerly Frequent Ltd., was a company that bought New Nine Dots and its subsidary, New Nine Games. It mainly sold televisions until 2007, when it went bankrupt. Snowtendo acquired most of the assets and used some of the resources to create the Vii. It was founded in 1997, renamed in 2005.


Frequent Ltd., as founded by Dock Din. Dock Din later abandoned his company and it made no profits nor losses. It had 9 billion coins in storage that could have been the 'new generation', but they chose a different destiny. Dave Din joined the company in 2000, and was busy with his other company, Tavern Dins. He remained CEO till 2007, when the company was dissolved.

In 2005, he heard that New Nine Dots went bankrupt and its assets are sold at a very cheap price. Seeing this as an opportunity to earn more money, he bought New Nine Dots and its subsidary, New Nine Games. He renamed the company to New Nine Holdings. He eventually developed the 'TaDTV', which was Tavern Dins TV. He used this as a marketing strategy for Tavern Dins. This resulted in huge profits for Dave Din, and he invested this money on Tavern Dins.

They also manafactured a series of arcade games specifically for Tavern Dins. Dave Din was so bad, he was later thrown off a cliff by an unknown penguin. He did not die, but eventually remained in The Forest. Since no one cared about him, he just had to survive on his own.

The employees continued making products. They just did what they were told. They were given more than 2 million coins a year, and there were no more positions, by Dave's secretary David. David eventually succeeded Dave as CEO, and released the arcade machines to outsiders. They still lost money. But no one cared.

Eventually, they lost so much money that they went bankrupt. Snowtendo acquired the company and used some of its resources to construct the Vii. New Nine Dots' legacy ended from there.


  • TaDTV
  • Arcade Machines
    • Bagels (catch all the bagels before time runs out)
    • More Bagels (same game as above, more bagels)
    • EAT CHEESE! (catch all cheese slices before time runs out)
    • Eat my shorts (eat as much shorts before time runs out)
    • EAT ME (glitch; redirects to a mixed version of Bagels and EAT CHEESE!)
    • EAT AT TARVEN DINS! (advert)

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