Club Penguin Fan Universe
Land of the New Forest
The terrifying clutches of the forest
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Vital statistics
Type Forest
Level 25-100
Location Deeper in the Forest of CP
Inhabitants Dark Penguins

The Land of the New Forest is a dark and mystifying area that lies within the heart of the Forest. The 'New Forest' is considerably the settlement for Dark Penguins and the most terrifying forest in Antarctica. No one except Barkjon has entered this place in the history of CP.


Mr. Unknown, a 'friend' of Ernie's, has revealed his secret on his past.

The Land of the New Forest was simply the whole forest back before CP was discovered. Dark Penguins originated there and spread out, each year more than 5000 penguins are given birth to. Dark Penguins, being the first settlers on CP, migrated to other areas to avoid their death and doom. The New Forest as it is today used to be the palace, workplace and mansion of the underlord who manages the colony. The New Forest back then grew smaller sometime in Olde Antarctica, when most penguins migrated to an area which became the 'Dark Penguins' colony when Colonial Antarctica began. When the Club came, the underlord escaped and dissapeared forever. Many suspect its The Leader. Other suspect someone else...
Mr. Unknown on the phone line

They tried to track down Mr. Unknown's location at the same time, but to no avail.


In other accounts, Barkjon said that Mr. Vine lived there. Cospe Alexkan Devote thought it was his grandfather, Sir Johnson Devote. Dancing Penguin thought what would be his new friend. Even better, a tern said that hundreds of gigantic terns lived there! If you have an idea of what creature or character lives there, add your idea here. Well, only Dark Penguins should and confirmed to be living at that area.

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