Club Penguin Fan Universe
Negative Dimension ( also known as universe-144714)
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a world simlair to the Club Penguin Fanon Universe , except negatively colored
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same as the Club Penguin Fanon Universe, except antimatter and reverse colour
Vital statistics
Type Alternate antimatter universe
Level you must be an agent of the PSA, the time agency or buy it from the igloo upgrades catalogue ( click on Secret Stone Igloo 3 times and you get for free) or RadEmporium shops !
Location other side of extra dimensional wormholes (that connect to it , obviously)
Inhabitants negative puffles, negative penguins, negative humans etc (in other words , antimatter versions of all things in the club penguin fanon universe as we know it)

At the start of the [[1]] (See the Universe Guide Book for what it is) this one was created (due to newtons 3rd law ) when the Club Penguin Fanon Universe was created. It is antimatter, has strange physics and is a reverse color of everything, and opposite of everything (and everyone) in the Club Penguin Fanon Universe. No creatures, on either world knew of each other existance until G built dimension connectors in the form of boxes for April Fools '09. But, just as creatures on both were about run into the portal (and explode, for that matter due to portal unstability), G detected it would make a huge explosion and activated a force field around it (on both sides). No one could go to the "other" world until he made the portal more stable.


Universe #144714 was largely identical (Except everything was opposite, E.G. Explorer 767 was evil and pre-Pie War Darktan good) to that of the main universe( #133713). plus everything is the reverse color of whatever they are in CPFW (E.G. Mabel is green and good & snow is black and warm).


there are lots of nice places to go here , but there are too many too list here , but popular locations include

  • Reverse Forest,
  • Stub Penguin Continent,
  • Stonepoga Island,
  • Unitedland,
  • Mega-Puffle'&,
  • Western Penguinolia

and the Negative Wilds


simply antimatter versions of everyone in the Club Penguin Fanon Universe. some include Explorer 676 ,

  • Alexis ban Penguin,
  • Fred 767
  • B
  • Stonepoga
  • Billbobby


  • Negative Mabel,
  • Nega-Von Injofaces

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