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National Highway System
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Vital statistics
Type Network of highways. paved
Level 400 roads
Location Antarctica
Inhabitants See Inhabitants

The National Highway System is a network of over 400 paved roads that span all across Antarctica. Although quite big, it still has expansion plans with five new highways as of December 2009.


During Colonial Antarctica, there was a need to modernize the transportation system. The first highway, known as Highway 1, which circulated the entire continent, spanning more than 6,000 miles of roadway. After the success of Highway 1, the government proposed Highway 2, which was an alternate route of Highway 1, built in 2005 by the Eastshieldan government and the federal government sponsoring the project as well. In 2007, the project was finally completed. In 2007, another project began, the Highway 3 project, which was much like Highway 1, but had routes in the Free Republics. In 2007, another project had also begun, the Highway 4 project, which was also like Highway 3 and 1, but was slightly larger and had large toll routes covering 50% of the highway's total span.

Interstate Highway System[]

The Interstate System is the freeway-only branch of the National Highway System. It was proposed at the South Pole Council in 2003. Since 2005, a few highways have been built as Interstates, while some are upgraded to the new standards.


Currently, the places which the highways goes through are all of the states.


Well, everybody travels the system these days, but there are a few frequent riders:


Currently, the PSA monitors the highway traffic to make sure there aren't any villains coming in the network. This is because since it opened, the X-Virus created an epidemic across the country. Also, there has been sightings of Darktan on the highway.

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