Club Penguin Fan Universe

Nala713 is the cousin of Gary the Gaget Dude. She loves puffles,and is friends with Maddieworld,Willie Xatt,Cadence and Flywish II.


Nala713 was born in a nest somewhere on Flywish Island. She moved to New Club Penguin,and met her reletives,Gary the Gaget Dude.Rockhoppedude2,Puddle and Fire (puffle) in the Dance Club. She currently lives in the Darktonian Realm,across from Foamy,and next to Xary.


  • She hates Willie Watt,because she likes Willie Xatt.
  • She tries to help her cousin,Gary the Gaget Dude,get WIllie Xatt to like him,but it fails.