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Nachos the Puffle
Nachos the puffle image
he likes nachos, nachos are good
Vital statistics
Title Nacho King
Gender male
Race puffle
Faction likes nachos
Health good
Level Nachos
Status Eating nachos
Location Ashleytilly's Igloo

Nachos is Ashleytilly's yellow puffle. He is reknowned for his obbsessive love of nachos, eating them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ashleytilly, seeing an oppurtunity for Nachos' love of, well, nachos, once entered him in the Nacho Engulfing Championships of Antarctica, where he won. He was christened Nacho King and given a souvinier crown which he proudly wears at all times.


Nachos is often found in Ashleytilly's igloo defending his title. He goes through a strict regime to hone his eating skills. Each day, he eats more nachos then the last. As of this writing, he eats sixteen baskets of nachos per meal with puffle bowls' worth of water to wash it down. He has won the Nacho Engulfing Championships for the past three years in a row, and the company that sponsers it secretly plans to "retire" (AKA prevent from competing) Nachos because his endless winning and nacho inhaling issues are costing the company.

However, Nachos' fans demand him to stay in the competition, because thousands flock to see him eat nachos like no other creature, puffle, penguin, or otherwise, can.


  • When not eating nachos, he likes to go on missions.
  • He is the Nacho King, and has been for the past three years straight.
  • His hero and role model is Tails6000.

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