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The Nachos are the 2nd Largest Army in Antartica (according to snowball fights and number of wins), other than ACP. Nobody really knows the true founder of the Nachos, but the creator of the Official Nacho Army is Jamesbond1.


Nachos started back in the development of Club Penguin Island, during short wars called Colour Wars. A penguin from the Orange Team put on a Sombrero and called himself a Nacho.

Jamesbond1 took that idea and made it work. He quickly retired after and in his place went Tom Wolf.

Tom Wolf and the Nachos dominated Antartica.

But then a very large, organized, green army called ACP defeated the Nachos.

Tom Wolf had a successful career but retired and in his place Zippy500 took.

Zippy500 was a bit of a boss and he did some wrong things and the soldiers wanted him impeached. But some soldiers, Co-Leader AkaBob22, Sergeant Person1233, General Shadow2446, and some other penguins who were too modest to be put up stopped them.

Zippy retired and AkaBob22 lead a very long career in the Nachos. He skipped 14 ranks to Co-Leader when he joined because of a contest.

Shadow2446, along with AkaBob22, then became a leader.

Shadow2446 was a very good leader. He showed his troops the best way you could throw snowballs, charges, war faces, anything in good old fashioned CP Warfare.

The Nachos then became very well-trained and defeated ACP in war. Nachos were the most liked army in Antartica and penguins all over Antartica were joining them.

Today the leaders of the Nachos are Zzztops, Puckley, and Cooper30. Person1233, AkaBob22, and Linkin55 were former leaders. The Trio retired the week of August 16th 2009.

Notable Soldiers[]

  • Yorkay Porkay: Navy Lt. York, a very good soldier who listens well to leaders.


  • Unlike ACP, Nachos were probably started as a joke back in the Colour Wars. ACP was just made and marked down in the history books.

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