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"New North Etana Movie Studios" is a company, which makes TV series for ABC, and CPTV. They are located in Wentley, Charles Island, New North Etana. The first name of the company was "Movie Publising, Inc.". They got popular by making the famous Hokey-dokey! Playing jokey-s! series for ABC. The owner of the company came from Irving Point on Doble Isles, Weddell. He was after making the Etana "State" independent. Finally, a new state was going to be created by the rebels, called New North Etana (joined 30, March 2009). The company had no main building, and the directtor decided to build it in the probable territory of New North Etana. An island was found (nowadays called Charles Island), and it was decided to establish theirselves on these green islands.

Nne movie studios

Logo of the company.

NNE Movie Studios today[]

In October, 2008, a decision was made to move the people of Etana to these islands. In November a new village was created, named Wentley. It was placed near the company, so currently it is located in Wentley. It is the most famous company in the state, making it the state famous about movie-making.