Club Penguin Fan Universe

NCPAir, or New Club Penguin Airlines, is a regional airline based at New Club Penguin International Airport, and offers regional flights throughout the UnitedTerra. The airline has three focus cities, Neo Domino International Airport, Satellite City International Airport, and Teedal Regional Airport. The airline has thirty fleet and over 22 destinations in the UnitedTerra. The airline also has seasonal service to eight international destinations.


The airline was founded as a joint-merger between six Terrain regional airlines, Minaire, Satellite Airways, United Terra Mini Airways, , PressAir, TerrainAir and UnitedExpress, who were the six so- called survivors of the Kupamacha Crisis of 2010, in which all Kupamacha aircraft were outlawed buy the Terrain government, due to major safety concerns over the aircraft. By law, all Kupamacha aircraft to be scrapped by February 1, 2010, which left the airlines of the UTA start to dismantle, as most of the Terrain airlines' fleet were manufactured by Kupamacha. Many of the airlines who had foreign aircraft, from Pontrier and Snowing mearly survived the crisis, as many airlines continued to go bankrupt. In March 2010, the six surviving airlines agreed for the airline to merge into a larger regional airline.


The airline's fleet consists of both regional and long-haul international aircraft.

  • Labraer E-190 (6) (domestic short/medium haul)
  • Pontrier Dash 8 Q400 (10) (domestic ultra-short haul)
  • Pontrier JRC200 (8) (domestic short haul)
  • Pontrier JRC705 (6) (domestic short haul)
  • Airhail A340-300 (5) (international ultra-long haul)
  • Airhail A330-300 (5) (International long haul)
  • Snowing 747-400ER (3) (international long haul)


Currently, there are three classes, Domestic, Economy and Premium.