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Mystical Cave
This is sacred to Nightlife City
A birds eye view of the chamber
Vital statistics
Type Cave
Level Level range
Location Nightlife City
Inhabitants Penguins

Mystical Cave is a legendary cave that is very important to Nightlife City. While it may look small, there is another floor beneath it where the penguins that pass the elders test get to practice Card-Jitsu. The Pectosphere is extremely powerful and concentrated over the sacred area.


When Nightlife City was founded back in 1957, the elder ordered them to find some more card jitsu cards. As it turned out, the Pectosphere was so strong over the cave that Card-Jitsu card literally grew in the rocks. As the penguins drilled, they struck a cavern, and a small lake was found, and a dojo was made. After building a bridge to connect the Dojo to the cave entrance, the Mystical Cave was complete.


There is a large Dojo in the center where the mystic creatures come, A small lake that surrounds the Dojo, card jitsu mats are placed in the Dojo and around the cave, small pillars that keep the ceiling from crashing (Although they were told the pillars weren't needed, the walls worked perfectly fine)


  • Puffles, Penguins, Nightlife City Elder

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