Mutatnt Cody
Mutant Cody
He's evil all right.
Vital statistics
Title Mutant Cody
Gender Male
Race Mutant
Faction Evil
Religion None
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Unknown
Location Unknown
Height (estimate) 6'2 feet
Catchprase "This is the time, FOR REVENGE!"
Hobbies Being a villian
Friends All Villians
Enemies All heroes.
Weapon of choice Anything

Mutant Cody is villian in Code 806


In Code 806


"This is my time, FOR REVENGE!"

"Why... you... little... FREAK!"

"Aha! There he is! *pulls Cody's pants down* It wasnt a good idea, but it was worth it." -In Episode Truth of Lair?

"Come on Mabel, wanna 'hang out'?" -In Episode Not-So-Very Nice

"Uh Oh. *punches himself*" -In Episode The Hand

"I see London... I see France... I AM GOING TO SEE YOU UNDERPANTS SOON!"

-Talking to Fire in Episode Trouble in London

Please Darktan! Nothing but that!

-In Episode Episode Darktan's Rebellion

"*slow motion* NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

-In Episode Gem Grab


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