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Murphy: Clone-tastrophy is a more lighthearted devision of the Murphy series of stories. In it, the Anti-Author writes about ruining Xorai's day... for the five hundreth time this week.

Chapter 1[]

"hmmm, those anooying treachourus triop have tortured me FIVE HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNDRED times this WEEK, how do i get rid of them" said a annoyed Xorai with a casts on his right arm.

"Maybe you should send a clone dressed like Xary to make Willie think Xary likes Maddieworld X not her,As if!" said a Xara joking around, for once.

"THAT IS BRILLIANT! WHY DIDN'T I THINK ABOUT IT!!???" said a excited Xorai with a veeeeeeeery evil grin.

"Xorai don't do anything stupid. Remember your arm..."

"Do NOT remind me! OWCH! Stupid trio, dressing me up as a pinata and beating me up thinking I'm filled with candy... AND I AM DOING IT!"

"Ok but I'm not gonna save you once they torture you"

"I don't care! Cause they will be trying to destroy eachtogher! BWAHAHHAHAA! BWAHHHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!" said Xorai going to a lab.

Xorai looked at his cloning devices. "Hmmmm..." he said. "I'll need to find Xary in order to clone him. I better get looking." and he went to the outside world.

Chapter 2[]

Meanwhile, the Treacherous Trio were in a dark alley planning.

"Sooooo... how are we gonna torture him today? or should we leave him alive, we already tortured him fiv e hundred times this month" said Willie Watt.

"The pinata thing again? It did make him scream like a mwa mwa penguin, for three hours" Maddieworld X said

"That was annoying! aaah aaaah aaaaah! so annoying!" said a Mectrixctic

"Then what? Dress him up as a mwa mwa penguin and send him to the petshop?"

"That is so.....dumb......but funny" said Willie watt giggling.

"So lets get a raddle?" said Mectrixctic

"No" said the other 2 as Bellina came in

"What you talking about? That annoying fool Xorai?" said Bellina

"Yep, were gonna torture him again" said the trio.

"FLIPPERS AND WINGS UP Xorai? Wheres Xorai? I followed the map!" said a confused Agent A trying to find Xorai

"Here's the right map" said Maddieworld X handing him a map

"Thanks! NOW TO GO ARREST HIM!" said Agent A squealing with delight and waddling off to find him

"You gave him the map to a compost factory you know" said Mec

"Indeed I did!" Smiled Maddieworld X. "Indeed I did"

Chapter 3[]

In which Xorai starts a evil plan to break the trio apart forever.

chapter 4[]

In which the trio gets a "unexepted" guest

Chapter 5[]

In which the trio starts breaking up

Chapter 6[]

In which the trio learns the truth and plans to torture Xorai

Chapter 7[]

In which the trio gets into Xorai's base and begins there plan

Chapter 7/2[]

In whicha cnady-sword fight begins between Willie and Xorai.

Chapter 8[]

In which the trio finishes there work and leaves Xorai in a full body cast, hanging from the ceiling, with his beak covered with tape.