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Munch, munch, munch!
Vital statistics
Title The most hungry creature in the existence of the world.
Gender Male
Race Munchpuffle
Faction Depends
Health Depends
Level Depends
Status Eating (probably)
Location Depends
Occupation Depends
Interests Eating
Friends Depends
Enemies Depends
Archetype Depends

Munchpuffles are a strange puffle that eats a lot, a lot more than any regular puffle.


Munchpuffles were once regular a pack of gray puffles that were eating during the time of the Pingko Disaster. They happily ate there O-Berries when a wave of Ditto swept the area. This did not harm the puffles in any way, but it caused the hairs on their heads to become two big, furry triangles and their stomachs to become a bottomless pit. These puffles made new puffles of the same specimen and soon enough, the Munchpuffle line was unstoppable. The angered farmers, when the Munchpuffles devoured all there food when they got hungry, sent out an anti-Ditto missile and it hit the area that the Munchpuffles ate all the berries, causing the Munchpuffles to become sad and extremely rare. They are now known as a "puffle collector's dream" due to their rareness.


Munchpuffles are said to be nice pets if you can feed them well. They are always going to eat your food, and will become extremely happy if you feed them an O-Berry with spices on it.


  • They can eat metal, machinery, and weaponry without injury since their stomachs are bottomless pits.
  • Munchpuffles are always hungry, but they will not die of starvation in any way.
  • They are a parody of Munchlax from Pokémon.
  • Akbaboy is the one of the only known penguins to have found a Munchpuffle. He didn't keep it since he wouldn't provide it so much food.

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