Club Penguin Fan Universe
Multi Purpose All Terrain Artillery Type Snow Cat
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Vital statistics
Type Vehicle
Effects Destroyed enemy bases, locations found
Source Metalmanager
Location Location is Classified information held by the EPF
Cost to buy Not for sale
Cost to sell Not for sale

The Multi Purpose All Terrain Artillery Type Snow Cat (or simply Multi-Purpose Snow Cat) is a Snow Cat capable of driving through many different terrains - ice, grass, water, underwater, snow, and even fire. Invented by Metalmanager, it is safely kept in a secret location, being kept safe 24/7 by the EPF. It is brought out and used on special missions, especially for destroying bases or getting over/through tough terrains.


Invented by Metalmanager in 2009, it was only able to drive over 4 terrains in the prototype, along with snowball launching holders on the sides. After being deemed "too slow" due to all the equipment it was using, he re-made another one, with 7 drive-able terrains, ice pellet shooting turrets and equipment for every battle scenario. Unfortunatly, the parachute sometimes malfunctions, when tested on robot penguins and puffles.

The Snow Cat has rockets on the back, propelling it along even the most dangerous terrains, along with a floatation device and a parachute. On the sides, two fold-away machine gun ice pellet shooting turrets can be used with the controls on the inside. On the top, a tank-like missile launcher with 12 reloading canasters. It has ice-proof glass on the windows, and a cloaking device that can turn it invisible (using Ninja-like material) when under attack. It has pontoons on the side with water safe structure on the bottom that can be easily equipped and is great for water terrains. A shovel attachment at the front that's used to tear through sub-terrain such as hard snow, rocks or tree stumps. Finally, it has an on-board GPS that gives an ariel view of the machine itself, suspended in a circular shape with arrows in which you can control with a touch-screen.


  • It can go up to speeds of 15 MPH, making this fast for a Snow Cat.
  • On the inside, a handle bar, movement controls and other equipment releasing buttons can be seen, along with a button that says "Self destruct", which appears to do nothing.
  • Its camouflage can be extended to make it literally disappear -- bullets and snowballs go right through it. Of course, this can only be done for a few seconds.
  • It has a parachute, but no flying feature.

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