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The Mullet Counting Problems of 1986
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Vital statistics
Participants Shiverpool penguins
Date 1986-1987
Location Shiverpool

The Mullet Counting Problems of 1986 was a dilemma among the Shiverpool citizens about the mullets, lasting from 1986 to 1987. This was due to the size of each mullet, which became heavier. Even though the year before they all could count the mullets, the breeding of smaller fish concluded in overweight mullets resulting in a series of events. Another factor was the amount of fishes, making it hard to count. Today, it happens less frequently than the years before, as the new Mullet-Touraer Counting Station has been designed with safety features.

The event[]

In 1986, smaller fish--mainly fluffies, planktons and other fish that were able to live through the freezing conditions--reproduced ernomously. That didn't matter. Only until a strange substance, not penguins, but some plants (mainly the Fat Weed) caused overweight measures of fish, which made penguins' catches alot harder to count. E.g., the penguins caught two large fishes. He will be struck down and unable to count. Yup. Also, three fishes? Well... the penguin will be suprised and will be hard to handle, and count.

In the next month after the catastrophe struck, the reproductive cycle of the underwater creatures expanded up to five offspring a fish mother could have. This caused the overpopulation of fish, also resulting in counting difficulties.


Only until the early weeks of 1987 when a group of three set up Mullet-Touraer Counting Station (company), specializing in counting fish. Today, there is still an overpopulation of fish, but thanks to the company, it's easier to count.

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